Clay Explosion – Juanita A – TheLifeErotic

Duration : 2 min
Categories : Young
Description : On a rainy day, naughty Juanita A is cosy in her bedroom and knows just how to keep herself amused. The Latvian babe, who has long, pink-frosted brunette hair and a pierced nose, is playing with modeling clay and makes herself a colorful mock cock! As she shapes her toy, she caresses and squeezes the shaft, smoothing and rounding the bulbous head and balls with her palms and fingertips. Dressed in nothing but a plaid shirt, she sprawls back against the pillows and splays her legs to expose her shaved pussy. Immediately, she begins to masturbate, moaning as she strums her slit with her fingers. All the while she holds onto her home-crafted dildo, licking the end lustfully. As she gets herself increasingly wet and horny, she humps her hand, toes pointed in ecstasy. She pops open the snaps on her shirt to reveal perky breasts and a navel piercing, then massages her tits. Next, she plays her clay cock against her slit. A change of position, with one leg raised in the air, lets her fingerbang herself harder and deeper. She writhes on the bed, lost in pleasure and, as she cums, she clamps her thighs tight around her hand. She continues to stroke herself, prolonging the pleasure for as long as she can and, tits quivering as her fingers circle her clit, she makes herself cum again, even harder this time. All the while, she is clutching the clay cock in her hand and, as she enjoys the comedown, she sucks on it once again
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