Tarot Part 3 – Judge – Alexis Crystal & Lexie Dona & Uma – SexArt

Duration : 3 min
Categories : School Girls
Description : Episode three of Andrej Lupin's compelling series Tarot begins with Lexie Dona bringing her girlfriend Alexis Crystal to meet Uma, the card reader who has so impressed her with the accuracy of her insights. The girls want to exorcise a demon – the memory of the man who cheated on them both, and in doing so, brought them together. They celebrate their emotional freedom with an impassioned kiss, Uma watching avidly as they get so turned on they begin to undress each other. By unspoken agreement, Lexie and Alexis turn to Uma and strip her too, Lexie spreading her thighs to eat her pussy as Alexis sucks her nipples. Uma enjoys a powerful orgasm from Lexie's skilful tongue and fingerwork, then turns into doggy position to get eaten, flushing with pleasure as she comes again. She goes down to lick Alexis, her tongue flicking rapidly over her new playmate's sensitive flesh. Alexis has a tremendous string of climaxes, and then it's Lexie's turn to become the center of attention. She straddles Alexis in reverse cowgirl, tipping forward into doggy to get rubbed and finger-fucked to an explosive climax. Uma once again become the focus of attention, before a tender threeway kiss brings the encounter to a close. But what surprises will the final episode bring?
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