After Rain Cums Rainbow – VirtualTaboo

Duration : 6 min
Categories : Cute
Description : Green eyed brunette Nicole Love is a total party girl. Every weekend she gets all dolled up and finds a local rave so she can let loose and enjoy herself. Her favorite outfit is a rainbow tutu with matching socks and rainbow clips in her hair. Whenever she wears the short outfit and shows off her hot young body, all the men at the parties and many of the women, find Nicole completely irresistible. She always has her pick of lovers and never comes home unsatisfied. As she finishes doing her hair, Nicole can't help but notice how good she looks or keep her mind from fixating on the big cock she is going to bring home tonight. The idea is overpowering and she starts sucking on the handle of her hairbrush imagining it to be whatever handsome stranger wants. Sliding it between her perky breasts, Nicole decides that she needs to cum before she goes out. Getting comfortable she eases the wet handle into her freshly shaved pussy until it hits all the right spots. The firm plastic feels like a hard cock and makes her cum all over it. Nicole only hopes that whatever guy she finds at the party is even bigger and ready to rock her hot body all night long.
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